untamed +   authentic       artwork you   will want          forever

about hanna.

Creative curious fire sign + optimist

I love to find beauty – in people, places, possessions + faces 
+ I like doing things differently
Painting is where I can express my truest self, my playground.

Hanna has been an artist of sorts all her life, as hair + make up artist for 30 years it wasn’t until a home renovation project led her in search of large artwork that she discovered she was naturally pretty good with a painters brush too. 

On the lookout for something edgy yet unassuming to blend with her interior she discovered a distinct lack of anything affordable that met her wishlist. Underwhelmed in the trend led mainstream offerings and without a gallery budget, she decided to try creating her own piece and unleashed her ideas on an oversized canvas. 

The result was satisfyingly good, happy with the outcome and with approval from the family it graced their walls for many years . A couple more smaller ‘Hanna Wildmans’ followed but it was back to business painting faces...

Then 2020 rolled around, overnight film and tv work ground to a halt, wedding bookings were cancelled + with time on her hands and creative juices to satisfy she found herself back at the easel. A green light form the universe.

Gloriously happy days rolled into weeks, weeks into months, the art kept flowing, and improving, and filling her soul with purpose and passion. 

Since then Hanna has sought education from some renowned global artists , she has learnt the principles of good art making, found her true artistic voice and produces distinctily untamed and authentic artworks that are a popular choice with cool homeowners looking for edgy design.

Small town girl with big vision, nice to meet you.

my process

Initially, I simply lose myself to the creative freedom of joyful, no rules painting and enjoy the thrill of chasing beauty in amongst a chaos of colour and shape, it’s meditative + kinda cool.
I follow intuitive nudges, a title may whisper its name or the background music that’s playing will influence my movements and help the visual story unfold.
Not until the true essence of a painting starts to reveal itself in front of me do I begin to paint more consciously, making considered refinements + focusing on detail.
A fondness for street art, old peeling poster walls, concrete and plaster undoubtedly shows up in my work.
I enjoy scratching through paint to reveal hidden fragments of the under layers and may include some stamp, stencil or collage elements to break up the paintings’ surface layer, offering the suggestion a ‘well loved’ and lived-in look. 

The things you love to do in your spare time should actually be the things you do full time.