Feedback from previous buyers would suggest my work is interpreted as… and I quote…
Personally, I would say my work has surprising duality – sometimes it’s calm and muted and unassuming , other times playful, wildly gestural and a bit daring. 
Either way I believe there are recognisable features in the way I lay down my materials that give the art a distinctive feel .

01 | How would you describe your work?

Works on paper are typically rolled for shopping in a protective cardboard tube.
Works on panel or canvas are carefully wrapped in a protective layer , with extra attention placed on the corners. Then very thoroughly contained in a firm cardboard package.
Whenever possible I aim to use recycled materials for packaging.
Items can be collected in person, by arrangement , if you are local to me.

08 |How will you pack my artwork?

I tend to feel my way through a painting, and will include whatever colours or shapes speak to me at that particular moment time, this may or may not include asemic writing, collage papers, specific words, phrases or numbers .
These initial subconscious choices provide a sense of the painting and give some meaning for me to work from. Sometimes they’ll be covered over or re-worked as the painting progresses but are playing a vital role in the final outcome.

If you choose a custom artwork, then alongside harmonising a colour palette that works with your taste and of course your interior, I can include design details that are meaningful to you . This could include initials of loved ones , names, special words , short quotes, symbols - hand drawn love hearts, smiley faces, simple astrological symbols or random shapes that have significance to the buyer. Ages and dates are popular requests too. Especially for birthday and wedding gifts. The larger the artwork the more room for personalisation.
These individual expressions are generally worked subtly into the painting, intended to be seen on closer inspection in amongst the painting as a whole rather than being glaring obvious ( unless of course that’s your goal in which case let me know!) 
Typically the script used varies - it can be scratchy , childlike, sometimes stencilled or rubber stamped. Maybe the letters are back to front or a word is upside down., I like to use the element of surprise and keep the viewer looking! 

02 | How do you personalise the paintings?

anything I can help with?

Errrm, that depends (she says with a wry smile!) As much as it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I do believe that some good design criteria needs to be met in order for a painting to ‘work’ - especially if my name is going on it!
Having studied the principles of a good composition, it is my intention to be mindful that I’m using a combination of light and dark values, alongside colours of varying shades and tones to help the painting pop . I’m all for clashing colours + having fun but I won’t actively take on a project that I know won’t sit easy on the eye or be pleasing to live with .
I hope that you trust my vision enough to allow me to help with a colour selection if needed. 

03 | Can I choose any colour I want?

get in touch

Comparatively, yes, the cost of a commissioned original artwork will be higher than my ‘off the peg’ originals, but for something completely unique to you I believe it’s still very affordable☺. I am a new artist after all, and the value of my art should only go up! Because I adore painting and I’m super keen to help my collectors realise the best possible art their needs it’s essential that I spend time thoroughly understanding the brief + sourcing/ordering the perfect substrate for the job.
I prepare colours for your approval before starting and typically will pend about three times longer on a commissioned piece over one of a similar size that is created without any set outcomes. In short, the custom process is a more a thoughtful and exacting process than my daily spontaneous art practice . 
And consequently , yes, inch by inch it is more pricey.

04 | Is commissioned art more expensive than the pieces available online or in person?

Once we’ve agreed on the specifics of your desired outcome,and the 50% deposit has been received. I will order in your canvas/ wood panel and set to work. 
Ideally I like to allow at minimum of three weeks to complete a custom painting. 
The start date will be allocated according to my diary at the time of inquiry.
If you have a specific timeframe in mind please flag that up in your initial enquiry and if possible I will try to accommodate you.

05 | How long will it take to make a bespoke painting . 

My works on canvas and wood panels are sealed with a UV resistant varnish ( matt or satin). 
These claim to be archival, however, if a painting is hung in direct sunlight for many years I wouldn’t like to promise that the colours won’t fade a little.

Works on paper are sealed with a matt UV resistant spray to help protect the surface layer. Ideally they should be kept behind glass or acrylic in a frame to prolong their lifespan. Glazing options vary from acrylic ( most affordable and lightweight) to clear glass, non glare and non reflective glass ( most expensive option) . Choose according to the position you’ll be hanging the piece and your budget.
Personally I’ve found clear glass just fine in most areas of the home .

06 | How can I protect the painting?

I occasionally exhibit or sell my work at fairs in the Surrey /London / South East of England area.
Sign upto my newsletter to hear about upcoming events.
I’d be pleased to meet you in person !

07 | Where else can I buy your work?